Material discovery for the digital age

What is Nicety

Nicety is an online library bringing together the world’s best physical materials and processors. 100% independent and built by designers for designers, it’s the quicker alternative to sample books, trade shows, word of mouth, social media, or material labs.

The materials we feature have been carefully selected and curated, working closely with material consultants, as well as manufacturers and distributors.

Explore and compare materials from around the world. Search by Pantone colour. Find attractive alternatives to your usual choices, at different price points. When you have found what you need, contact the manufacturer for samples or more information, and find a local processor that can help make your vision reality.

Our database of processors is built on recommendations and feedback we get from local design studios, so you know you can trust them.


— Expert-curated, high-quality material collection
— Search materials by Pantone colour
— Virtual moodboards to save and compare materials
— Dedicated support team
— Global processor database, built based on community feedback
— Completely free to access

How it started

Nicety started around our kitchen table in 2017 with a question: how would it feel like if finding physical materials for your project was simpler, and less time-consuming? After speaking to creatives from around the world over the course of 6 months and learning about what plagued them and their creative processes, Nicety became the answer. You can read more about it here.

Who are we

We’re Sthuthi and Sebastian, and our journey started originally in graphic design and brand strategy working for agencies in London, Hamburg and India. We’ve experienced first-hand how cumbersome it is to find and try the right materials for your projects, knowing only too well there was something better out there when time pressures forced us to compromise. It’s time this changes.

Contact us

For general business and press inquiries, or any feedback, please contact us at:


If you require help using Nicety, please visit our Help section.